AVI to PS Vita-How to watch AVI on PS Vita by Video Converter?

The PS Vita has attracted much attention since it was released not long ago and soon grabs some market by its outstanding internal features and low price. Maybe you have appealed by it and have bought or plan to buy one. The PS Vita has many features such as its high resolution of 960*544 and cool stereo as well as it’s quite portable. You can take it anywhere and enjoy the fun it gives you. With its long battery life you can watch movies on PS Vita for even almost all night long.

Can PS Vita play AVI? How to watch AVI movies on PS Vita? From the PS Vita official website you will know that PS Vita can’t play AVI videos directly, it only supports H.264/MPEG-4 MP4 format well. In order to play AVI on PS Vita, you need to convert AVI to PS Vita MP4 format. Here the PS Vita Video Converter can help you transform AVI to PS Vita MP4 format. You can refer to the tips below when you use the PS Vita Video Converter to convert AVI videos for PS Vita.

1. Download PS Vita AVI Converter (or AVI to PS Vita  Converter for Mac). The software will help you watch AVI movies on PS Vita. It also supports other common formats to import and export, like MKV, WMV, FLV, MOV, MTS, etc.


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2. Install and launch the PS Vita video converter. Add AVI video files in to this PS Vita AVI Converter.

3. Click profile column to choose the best video format for output. Click and choose  Common Video-> MP4 Video (AVC), it’s the best PS Vita video format.

4. You can click “Settings” to adjust the output video’s parameters. If you want to watch movies in full screen you can set the resolution as 960*544, you can also adjust the bitrate, and higher bitrate means higher quality but also requires higher hardware support.

5. Click convert button to start. The AVI to PS Vita Converter will convert AVI movies to MP4 for watching, Nvidia CUDA and AMD APP acceleration technology are supported by the best PS Vita video converter, so you can convert AVI videos for PS Vita in 6X fast speed.

After conversion, put converted movies on PS Vita so you can enjoy movies smoothly.

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