Blu-ray to Xperia Z5 Premium-play Blu-ray on Xperia Z5 Premium

The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium finally launched into the tablet market after two months effort. Thanks to its unique appearance, the Sony new Android smartphone soon attracted people’s attention since it was released. The design of Xperia Z5 Premium makes it easy to grip with one hand and also comfortable when laid flat on a table or desk.

 Xperia Z5 Premium iTunes

Apart from these, Xperia Z5 Premium also distinguished itself in software appliances. Its Video Unlimited offers you instant access to hit movies. You may have got plenty of Blu-ray discs, but before watching Blu-ray movies on Xperia Z5 Premium, you have to rip and convert Blu-ray for Xperia Z5 Premium for the reason that the Xperia Z5 Premium doesn’t support Blu-ray files playback directly. Then how to convert Blu-ray to Xperia Z5 Premium? To solve this problem, we adopt Sony Xperia Blu-ray Ripper, a powerful Blu-ray to Xperia Z5 Premium converter. Here are some tips for you to better watch Blu-ray movies on Xperia Z5 Premium.

1. Download Acrok Blu-ray Ripper (Blu-ray Ripper Review).
This is excellent software with attractive interface. It can rip Blu-ray to Xperia Z5 Premium best playback format so that you can watch Blu-ray movies on Xperia Z5 Premium.

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2. Install and launch the Xperia Z5 Premium Blu-ray Ripper.
Load Blu-rauy movies to Blu-ray to Xperia Z5 Premium Converter. This Xperia Z5 Premium Blu-ray ripping software supports loading high quality movies in different methods. Besides loading the entire disc from DVD-Rom, you can also convert DVD Folder to Xperia Z5 Premium, and convert DVD IFO to Xperia Z5 Premium.

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3. Click the profile column and choose Android -> Android MP4 Video (*.mp4) for output.This format is perfectly supported by Xperia Z5 Premium.

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4. You can click “Settings” button to adjust the output parameters as you want, such as resolution which can meet your demand of full screen play, and video bitrate which controls the quality and size of the files.

5. Click convert button to start ripping Blu-ray movies. After conversion, you have to transfer Blu-ray movies to Xperia Z5 Premium. Now you may have known how to play Blu-ray movies on Xperia Z5 Premium, just add them to Xperia Z5 Premium and enjoy yourselves.

Tip: If you want to transfer and play iTunes movies on Xperia Z5 Premium, you can try iTunes to Xperia Z5 Premium Converter.

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