Galaxy Tab 2 tips-best tips for Galaxy Tab 2

You’ve purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, you’re probably exploring all the cool features this beautiful tablet has to offer. Here’s a collection of Galaxy Tab 2 tips to get you started, these tips are best tips for Galaxy Tab 2 users.

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1. How to switch keyboards on Galaxy Tab2

2. Clear the browser history on Galaxy Tab 2

3: Read Google Books offline on Galaxy Tab 2

4. Change or create wallpaper on Galaxy Tab 2

5. Use Samsung Kies to sync media to Galaxy Tab 2

6. Use the built-in Task manager on Galaxy Tab 2

7. How to take native screenshots on your Touchwiz Galaxy Tab 2


Tip 1: How to switch keyboards on Galaxy Tab2

Step 1: Find and install a new keyboard you’d like to try in the Android Market. You could try Thumb Keyboard, SwiftKey, Better Keyboard, or many others.

Step 2: Make sure the keyboard is enabled on your device. Some keyboards will walk you through a setup to make sure the app is enabled, but if one doesn’t, you can easily check on this yourself after the next few steps.

Step 3: Open an app you want to type in. Press on the text entry area, and you will see a small keyboard icon appear near the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Touch the keyboard icon, and select the keyboard you’d like to use. If the one you’re looking for doesn’t appear, you will need to press “Configure input methods.”

Step 5: Look for your preferred keyboard choice in the list, and make sure the box across from the name is checked. Press the back button in the lower left corner and repeat Steps 3 and 4.

You should now be able to switch between any keyboards you have installed relatively quickly.

Tip 2: Clear the browser history on Galaxy Tab 2

Step 1: Open the Web browser on your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Step 2: Click on the menu in the top right corner, and choose Settings.

Step 3: On the left, pick “Privacy and security” from the menu.

Step 4: Select the “Clear history” option in the new menu on the right.

Step 5: Hand your device off without worry that your Web page history will be viewed.

Don’t forget to erase the browser history in the future. And even though the “Clear cache” option is so close by doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to overuse it. This will actually make Web sites load more slowly if the images stored in your cache have to be downloaded again.

Tip 3: Read Google Books offline on Galaxy Tab 2

Step 1: Open the Google Books app and find a title you’d like to read while offline.

Step 2: Press and hold on the book’s cover and a new menu will pop up.

Step 3: Choose make available offline.

Step 4: Select other titles you want available in offline mode by pressing the small thumbtack under each book’s cover.

Step 5: Once finished, press the Done button in the lower right corner.

You can see how much space you have available for downloads during the book selection (shown above). And it’s OK to pick all titles, as long as you have the space.

Tip 4: Change or create wallpaper on Galaxy Tab 2

Step 1: Pick the type of wallpaper you’d like to use. Live Wallpapers are animated and will move around behind your icons on the home screens. The plain Wallpapers are still images used as a background.

Select a type of wallpaper, or choose from your Gallery.

If you pick the still image style, you will need to choose between the Lock screen and Home screen Wallpapers.

Step 2: Select a wallpaper of your liking.

If there’s nothing that meets your style requirements, you can always visit the Android Market and find more live wallpaper and other images that you could use. One note: be careful when selecting Live Wallpapers from the market; even though many of them say they support tablets, they have a chance of being very stretched and distorted on your beautiful tablet screen.

Step 3: Apply the wallpaper, and you’re done.

You can also make your own wallpaper by visiting the Gallery from the same Wallpaper menu. Find an image you’d like to use in the background–one with your friends, family, or pets in it–and adjust the size with the boxes that pop up so it fits on your home screen.

Tip 5: Use Samsung Kies to sync media to Galaxy Tab 2

Step 1: Open the Settings menu and make sure you are looking at the Wireless and networks tab.

Step 2: Press on Kies via Wi-Fi and wait for the network window to pop up.

Step 3: Pick your computer (it will be the name given to your computer) from the list and the tablet will attempt to establish a connection with the computer.

Step 4: Accept the connection request that pops up on your computer.

Step 5: Drag and drop your media to its corresponding folder in the top menu-the folders under the device name.

OR – Click on the media files you preloaded into the Kies application in the bottom menus and then click the Transfer to Device button at the top (hint: you can select all media at once, if you like).

After syncing has finished-denoted by the progress bar at the bottom of the Kies window-you can disconnect the tablet from your computer. This can be done by either clicking cancel on the Kies window on the tablet, or by clicking the X next to the device’s name in the Kies left-side menu.

Pressing the Cancel button will disconnect the tablet from the computer.

Clicking the X by the device name will disconnect the sync.

Tip 6: Use the built-in Task manager on Galaxy Tab 2

Step 1: Press the plus (+) icon in the top right corner, press and hold an empty space on a Home screen.

Step 2: Choose the widgets tab from the next screen.

Step 3: Find the widget called Program monitor in the list.

Step 4: Drag the widget to the Home screen you want it to reside on.

Step 5: Press the screen you put the widget on to move it to your desired location.

The widget will display the current active apps. Tapping on it will open the Task manager to allow further actions such as ending apps or clearing the RAM.

Tip 7: How to take native screenshots on your Touchwiz Galaxy Tab 2

Step 1: In the taskbar, you’ll notice the new Screenshot icon next to the Recent Apps icon. Tap the Screenshot icon to take your screenshot. You’ll see a message pop up that says, “Screen captured. Saved as image file.”

Step 2: To find your screenshot image, go to your Apps list and select “My files.”

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom and select the folder named “ScreenCapture.”

Step 4: Select the image you want to share then tap the sharing icon.

Step 5: Choose which method you want to use to share the image.

There you go–nice and simple. Now you no longer need to use the Android SDK and a USB cable just to take screenshots of your Galaxy Tab 2. Thank you, Samsung!

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