How to convert MXF to MOV on Mac?

How to play MXF video via QuickTime on Mac? I recorded some 1080P videos with my Canon XF305, the video format is MXF, and I can’t open it via QuickTimae. Please recommend a MXF to QuickTime Converter to convert MXF to MOV on Mac.

MXF to MOV ConverterMXF is highly advanced file based format used to play digital recording and playback of high definition videos. Known as, Advanced Video Coding High Definition, MXF has recommended and endorsed by the global users. The very innovative and high definition video format is developed for video cameras. It’s compatible with high definition cameras like Sony, Panasonic, Canon and JVC etc. MXF uses recordable memory cards, non-removable solid-state memory and hard disk drives for recording purpose. Beyond the utilities and advantages, it has also been facing compatibility issues since its inception to the marketplace.

MOV File Format is a pretty common multimedia format used to store and play movies and other video files. Compatible with both Macintosh and Windows platforms, the format specifies a multimedia container file that contains one or more tracks, each of which stores a particular type of data: audio, video, effects, or text. For playing MXF video on QuickTime, you can transcode MXF to MOV format.

If you are willing to convert a video from MXF to MOV file format, MXF to MOV Converter is the best method to do MXF to MOV conversion.

Free download MXF to MOV Converter for Mac

Aovsoft Blu-ray Ripper for Mac

MXF to MOV Converter

How to transcode MXF to MOV on Mac?

Step 1: Input MXF File to be Converted

Launch the Mac MXF to MOV Converter in standby mode at your computer.

Click on the add video icon on the left panel of the software below the label “Source” to select the desired MXF input file.

Select the desired MXF file. Make sure that you select the right MXF file you want to convert in other compatible file formats.

Edit MXF video via MXF to MOV Converter:
This advanced and fully automated MXF to MOV Converter also enables users to edit and change the preferences in the input file in strict accordance to their requirements. To edit the preferences in your MXF video file, a edit icon is offered on the input file dialog box. Click the edit  icon to open a dialog box with a number of preferences to choose from. The screenshot below shows the options available to edit. Once you have decided and checked the preferences in the check box, click “OK” to save.

Step 2: Selecting the Desired MOV Output File Format

Click “Format” to choose “HD Video -> H.264 HD Video (*.mov)”  as the output format.

Convert MXF to H.264 MOV on Mac

Step 3: Start the MXF to MOV Conversion on Mac

Once you have selected both the input file and output file from the software, you can now execute the final MXF to MOV conversion process with MXF to MOV Converter. To convert MXF file format into MOV format, click on convert button at the bottom right corner of the software. Once conversion is finished, a message of task accomplishment is displayed. Now you are ready to enjoy your favorite MXF tracks and videos in MOV format.

MXF to MOV Converter Review:
You have done well! Excellent interface and online help and it runs fast too. Your specific instructions for converting .mxf to .mov convinced me to try and buy. I don’t want to become a video expert to convert a few video files. This is also a good MXF player.

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