How to play 3D Blu-ray movies, DVD & HD on Sony PS4?

Sony PS4 (PlayStation 4) is one of the most popular game consoles on the market, it is so hot that a few of users have got it. With this device, it is great to play exciting games, besides this, do you want to play movies with Sony PS4 (PlayStation 4)? In this article we will share the best way to play any movies on PS4.

3D movie support of Sony PS4 (PlayStation 4)

Sony has released the PS4 for some time, since the release of new PS4, Sony is keeping striving to bring more experiences to users by adding more new functions. According to message from Twitter, Sony has updated its PlayStation 4 by adding the new function “play 3D Blu-ray movies”, and all PlayStation 4 users need is a 3D TV compatible with PlayStation 4 and 3D flicks.

In addition to 3D Blu-ray support, this PlayStation 4 system software also brings improved sound during 1.5X Blu-ray and DVD playback.

Another game console we’re quite familiar with is Xbox One, and Microsoft is about to add the same 3D Blu-ray support feature this August.

At the very beginning of product release, both Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One don’t support playing 3D Blu-ray. We may get confused that why Sony decides to bring 3D Blu-ray experience to PlayStation 4 because nowadays TV manufacturers have moved their focus to 4K technology.

Despite the slow move, it is still a piece of pleasant news that Sony finally takes the action to update its PlayStation 4 to play 3D Blu-ray discs and turn this new game console to a multi-functional product. Sure the new function will make Sony PlayStation 4 more popular.

Tip: We have an excellent Blu-ray/DVD/HD video converter for you, it is Acrok Video Converter Ultimate, which will help you to convert any videos to any format you need, you can use it to convert files to MP4 compatible format for Sony PS4 (PlayStation 4) playback.


Here we have listed the conversion guide to help you to use the best Sony PS4 video converter.

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Below are some easy steps that you can follow to use this Sony PS4 video converter, you can use it to convert any videos to supported video format for Sony PS4, supported videos include Blu-ray, DVD, and HD videos.

Below is the main interface of the Sony PS4 video converter ultimate.

Sony PS4 video converter

You can click add files button to load HD videos, or click Load Disc button to load blu-ray and DVD disc, ISO file or folder files.

After you loaded the movies, please click the format column to choose output video format, we recommend you to choose MP4 format, it is the best compatible format for Sony PS4.

convert video to MP4 for Sony PS4

Before convert movies to Sony PS4, you are available to click settings button and adjust the output parameters, such as resolution, bitrate, frame rate, etc.

The final step is to click convert button to start the Sony PS4 video conversion process.

Please wait some time, this top Sony PS4 video converter will convert videos at top speed and quality, when it finished the conversion, you can get the converted files and then copy to Sony PS4 for watching as you want.

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