How to play 4K video on Galaxy Note 3?

The Latest Samsung Galaxy flagship Note 3 is headline-grabbing enough to most people long before it was officially released since it is bringing some stunning new features to the market. One of such features is the 4K Ultra HD video recording and playback capability, which is only possible due to its beast of Exynos 5 octa core processor. Believe it or not, the Note 3 is currently the cheapest way to get your hands on a 4K camera together with a 4K video player.

Apart from shooting crystal clear Ultra HD footage, most fans would also like to play 4K video on Galaxy Note 3. Why not? Note 3 is shipped with a 5.7 inch HD amoled display which boats of an amazing resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (336 ppi, better than the previous Note’s). It does is a great player for viewing 4K movies and most importantly, it does support 4K playback!


However, not all 4K videos can be played by the Galaxy Note 3 since there comes a problem called format incompatibility. The best-fit video format for Note 3 is .mp4, while most 4K movies are recorded in MXF or other formats that are unaccepted by Note 3. Moreover, 4K video usually differs from other common videos that its video/audio codec is unique, so even if the 4K video is wrapped in MP4 format, it may not be supported by Note 3 as well. How can we solve the Note 3 4K playback problem? Well, simple! All we need is a third-party 4K Video Converter that can convert any 4K video to Note 3-friendly formats like MP4.

Detailed Guide on How to Play 4K Video on Galaxy Note 3

Step 1: Load source 4K movie to the App

First and foremost, import the unaccepted 4K movie to the converter. You have two option to do this: 1. click “Add Files” button to browse your local media folder and locate the video file; 2. directly drag and drop the selected video file onto the main panel of the converter. You can batch convert the 4K videos if needed.

Step 2: Select Note 3 accepted output format

To convert any 4K video to Note 3, just hit the “Convert to” menu bar, and select “HD Video” > “HD MPEG-4 AVC/H.264(*.mp4)” from the drop-up list to set the output format. Note that the output video will 100% keep the original 4K quality.

Step 3: Play 4K Video on Galaxy Note 3

Finally, press the big blue “START” button to launch the conversion. After a while, the conversion will be perfectly done. Thereafter, you can easily transfer the converted 4K video to Note 3 for smoothly playback. Enjoy it!


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