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How to spy on Samsung Galaxy S10

Parenting is particularly tough when it comes to decision like this, whether to give your kid a full-fledged, cutting age, sleek modern wonderment like Samsung Galaxy S10 or just get him a dumb phone and be done with it. Naturally you’d prefer a dumb phone because it’s affordable, durable and most importantly, extinguish possibilities of misuse and overstepping because its very limited functionality, but if you yield to the kid’s relentless begging and does give him a powerhouse like the Galaxy S10, it falls upon you to proactively look out for your kids by keeping an eye on the use of the phone.

The galaxy S10 spy app is able to pull off FBI level surveillance by remotely, silently logging various aspects of the phone’s use, text messages sent and received, phone calls, photos and videos captured by the camera, facebook messages, WhatsApp chat history, browsing history and real time GPS locations.

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How to spy on Galaxy 10

The idea is to plant the spyware into the target phone, once activated and running, the spy app remains stealthy and silent but constantly records and sort the information it manages to find, and upload the information to an encrypted server where only the admin can access via internet browser.

What kind of information can the Galaxy 10 gather?

Spy on text messages, text messages is still one of the most popular communication form used on the phone, every messages sent and received with the targeted Galaxy S10, even after deletion, are logged and presented in the admin panel.

Spy on phone calls and call logs, each incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded in a specified time frame, information regarding phone calls like numbers, duration, times will be recorded and uploaded to the server.

Internet browsing history, web history and URL are logged and categorized, notorious sites will be highlighted in the jumbled entry list.

Emails, stock email client and Gmail will be monitored and recorded and uploaded to the server.

Popular third-party chat apps, WhatsApp, Skype, text messages and video calls can be logged and recorded.

Access to photo and video library, photos and videos presented in the control panel are uploads, not remote access. So turn on media monitoring will put considering strain on your data quota, so if you don’t have a unlimited data plan it is suggested to turn off media uploading.

Live GPS locations, the app will be able to log and report the phone’s GPS location information in real time, enables the admin to pinpoint the exact current location of the phone.

Frequently asked questions

What if the target phone is password locked and I don’t know the password?

To plant the spy app you will need to get hold of the phone for at least a few minutes, also you’re required to operate on the phone with a few simple clicks, but still, you need to know the password.

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