Kindle Fire HD tips-best tips for Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire is so hot! According to statistics, 49% of the tablets in the world are the Kindle Fire. I’ll share some Kindle Fire tips with you. These tips is very important, they are best tips for Kindle Fire users. The best Kindle Fire tips will help Kindle Fire users enjoy Kindle Fire better. Below are the Kindle Fire tips’s video.

1. Watch all movies on Kindle Fire

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2. The most important tips for Kindle Fire – Secure your Kindle Fire HD.

How to secure your Kindle Fire‘s password? This way, if it’s ever lost or stolen, your personal data will be safe. To set a password go to Settings > More > Security, and turn “Lock screen password” on.

3. Copy and paste.

This function is a bit confusing on the Fire. To copy text, tap and hold a word, then drag the markers to highlight the text you want to copy. Then, tap the highlighted text to add it to the clipboard. To paste, long-press a text field and select “Paste.”

 4. Customize your bookmarks.

When you launch the browser, you’ll see a tiled list of bookmarks that Amazon has preselected for you. How to remove a bookmark? Just long-press it and select “Delete”. To add a bookmark, go to the Web site you want to add, tap the Bookmarks icon (at the bottom), and then tap the box with the “+” in the upper-left.

 5. Organize the home screen.

Because the home screen carousel is so messy and doesn’t have customization options, utilize the shelves below. To add an icon to the shelf, long press an item in the carousel and select “Add to favorites.”

If you want to remove an item from the shelf, Please long-press it and select “Remove from favorites.” If you want to rearrange the icons in your Favorites shelves, you need to long-press and drag to the desired spot.

6. Default search engine

By default, Google is set as the search engine on your Kindle Fire’s Silk browser. For many of us, this is fine as we already opt to use Google, but if you prefer, you can change this default setting to use either Yahoo! or Bing. To do this in the Silk browser, click on the Menu, Settings, and then select Set Search Engine and make your choice.

7. Change the Web font

Even with a 7″ screen that allows plenty of real estate to view the webpages you visit, the text may be too small to read. To enlarge the font size used within your Silk browser, select Menu, Settings, and then scroll down to Text Size. You will be able to then choose either the Large or Huge font size option to make reading websites easier. Be aware that on some websites you may need to scroll from side to side to take in all of what it has to offer.

That’s all. Hopefully the Kindle Fire tips-best tips for Kindle Fire HD guide will help all Kindle Fire users enjoy Kindle Fire with ease.

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