MKV to PS Vita Converter-How to watch MKV on PS Vita?

MKV to PS Vita Video Converter will help you play MKV videos on PlayStation Vita:

Recently Sony has released the newest PlayStation Vita and it has hit the hand held video game market by its extraordinary features. Maybe you have got one if you are a game-addict. It is 182.0×18.6×83.5mm with 5 inch display and the screen’s resolution is 960*544. All these features make it great joy watching movies on PS Vita.

Can PS Vita play MKV? How to watch MKV movies on PS Vita? Maybe you have downloaded many movies in MKV formats but just don’t know how to put MKV on PS Vita. From the PS Vita official website we know that PS Vita can’t play MKV videos, the video format is limited, PS Vita only supports H.264/MPEG-4 MP4 format. So if you want to play MKV videos on PS Vita, you need to convert MKV to PS Vita MP4 format. Here the PS Vita Videos Converter can help you convert and put MKV movies on PS Vita, so that you can watch them on PS Vita successfully. You can follow the steps when you use Video Converter to convert MKV videos for PS Vita.

1. Download PS Vita Video Converter (or PS Vita Video Converter for Mac), it’s a great software which will help you convert MKV movies to PS Vita. What’s more, other common formats are also supported to import and export, such as AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, AVCHD, etc.

2. Install and launch the MKV to PS Vita converter, import the MKV videos you want to convert.

3. Click profile column to choose the best video format for output, you are recommended to choose Common Video->MP4 Video (AVC), PS Vita supports this format perfectly.

4. You can click “Settings” button  to adjust the output video’s parameters. For example, you can set the resolution as 960*544, so that you can watch full screen movies on PS Vita. You can also adjust the video bitrate to adjust the video’s quality.

5. The last step is to click convert button to start. The MKV converter for PS Vita will convert MKV movies into what you want in a short time.

Then put the converted movies on PS Vita so you can watch MKV movies on PS Vita successfully.

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