Music to Nook HD/HD+ Converter-play music on Nook HD/HD+

How to play music on Nook HD? Why my Nook HD can’t play music? Nook HD has a slightly bigger screen, there’s even sharper 9-inch Nook HD, which comes with 1920×1280 display resolution and 1080p HD video support. Both Nook HD  and HD+ play .3GP, .3G2, .MP4, .AMR, .MP3, .MID, .XMF, .MXMF, .RTTL, .OTA, .IMY, .FLV, .SWF, .WAV, .OGG, .ACC audios. How to play all formats audio on Nook HD? How to listen iTunes Amazon music on Nook HD/HD+?

With third-party encoders you can put other formats music to Nook HD tablet for playing. If, however, you want to play DRMed music on Nook HD tablet, you need different tool – DRM removal software.  Because they  are protected by DRM and are not allowed to be played on Android devices.

iTunes to Nook HD Converter is kind of DRM removing and video/audio/music converting tool, letting you get rid of DRM protection and convert  music/video to Nook HD playable format. Help you play all videos and music on your Nook HD. You may download this DRM remover trial and give it a shoot following the guide below: How to transfer music to Nook HD?

How to play music on Nook HD/HD+?

Step 1. Run this music to Nook HD converter, drag and drop music file into it.

Step 2. Choose “Common Audio > MP3” under “Audio files to” bar as output.

Tip: If the loaded file is video, you need to choose “Common Video > MP4 Video (AVC)” under “Video files to” bar. Then click “Settings” button to set the output video size.  Nook HD version resolution is 1440*900, Nook  HD+ version resolution is 1920*1280.

Step 3. Click the big start button to convert music/video to Nook HD/HD+ tablet supported format.

Step 4: Put music on Nook HD/HD+

After conversion, you need to transfer music to Nook HD, you may click open output button to find to find converted files and then transfer the music or movie files to Nook HD 7/9 Tablet.

Also refer to convert video/audio to an Android tablet (Galaxy Tab, Xoom, HP Touch Pad, Acer Iconia Tab, Eee Pad Transformer). If you want to watch Blu-ray on Nook HD, you can read this guide: How to convert Blu-ray to Nook HD? You can also put DVD onto Nook HD tablet for watching with DVD to Nook HD converter tools.

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