Play MXF on Mac-Best MXF player converter reviewed

“My wife has used a Sony camcorder for several years. Two months ago, we replaced it with a newer model PMW camcorder. To our dismay, however, the videos the camcorder records are not in the old familiar  format, but rather are in some strange “.mxf” format that does not open when we double it. Is there a way to play the MXF files on my Mac?”

With your camcorder, you must have a lot of clips worthy of memorizing. And as a Mac user, you might have also come across some problems: these MXF files are unplayable on Mac, the native media player QuickTime on Mac can’t support MXF file format. So what’s next step? You will need to find a MXF player, or convert the format of MXF to player compatible formats like MOV, MP4. The solution is easy to think, but to practice it, you need a professional MXF Converter for Mac to be your helper.

This article shows you the method about how to play MXF files and convert MXF on Mac step by step.

To play MXF files or convert MXF on Mac, you need one more thing: a professional Acrok MXF Converter for Mac. By installation of such a Mac app, you can easily achieve your aim. The one used in the following guide is the very one you are looking for: ultrafast conversion speed, loss-less video quality, broad format support and so on. With it, you are able to convert any video file including MXF to QuickTime, FCP or more formats with ease. Here we go to the detailed MXF conversion/play task.


1. Download and install this top MXF converter reviewed.

Download this professional yet easy to use MXF Converter for Mac, double click the downloaded PKG file to install it.

2. Import MXF files

With your MXF camcorder in hand, connect it to the computer. Drag and drop MXF files from Finder to the program. Or go to File menu, choose Add Files to locate the MXF files you want to add.

More than one MXF files are allowed to be added for converting with the function of batch conversion offered. And if you are planning to combine these files into one file, you can switch on the Merge All Videos option in settings.

After you loading the MXF files, you can play MXF files in the right preview window.

3. Choose format from the output format list.

Now go to the format tray at bottom and select format from Video category. Also make changes to video settings in the window that opens by clicking the settings button. Here you can choose MOV, MP4, M4V, AVI or other formats for output.

Note: If you just want to import certain segment of the MXF clips for editing, you can trim the clip before conversion. Just click edit button and use as you want.

4. Click convert to start converting MXF on Mac

This top MXF Converter for Mac can automatically switch off the computer when the conversion is done, so you don’t need to wait around during the conversion. After converting, you can get the files used with QuickTime, iMovie, Final Cut Pro X, etc. To learn more about this software, please read this MXF converter review article.

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