PS Vita WMV Converter-How to convert WMV to PS Vita?

Video Converter for PS Vita will help you convert WMV to PS Vita for watching:

News gaming giant Sony’s latest handheld console, the PlayStation Vita, has gone on sale in many countries and is now available in stores.

The much anticipated launch of PS Vita is finally here, and gamers can now get their hands on the most robust handheld platform ever to enter the gaming space.  The PS Vita has features like a 5-inch OLED screen, physical PlayStation gaming buttons, dual analogue sticks, motion sensor, front and rear cameras and a rear touch pad. Watch movies on PS Vita is a good choice. How to watch WMV movies on PS Vita? The guide will share with you an easy solution to convert and put WMV movies on PS Vita for playing.

How to Convert WMV to PS Vita?

PS Vita WMV solutions: In order to keep high quality for good enjoyment, a good WMV to PS Vita Converter will do a great favor for you. Before converting WMV to PS Vita, you need download the WMV to PS Vita Converter (or PS Vita Video Converter Mac) here. Then install and run it. This software can convert nearly all common video formats. The main interface of the WMV to PS Vita Converter will show as below:

Step1:  Load WMV files into PS Vita Video Converter.

There are two ways to add WMV movies into PS Vita WMV Converter:

1. Click “Add Video” button to find the WMV file to convert

2. Directly drag your target WMV file to the WMV to PS Vita Converter

Step 2: Select PSP Video H.264 (*.mp4) as output format for PS Vita.

Click profile column to choose the best video format for output. You are recommended to choose PSP/PS3->PS Vita H.264 Video (*.mp4), it’s also the best PS Vita video format.

Step 3: You can change the output video’s parameters as you want.

Click settings button to adjust resolution, bitrate, etc. PS Vita resolution is 960*544, so you can set the resolution as 960*544 for full screen playback. You can also change video bitrate, 700-1500 is recommended.

Step 4: Edit function is available, you can trim, crop, adjust effect or add watermark to the videos.

Step 5: Click convert button to start conversion.

Click the “Convert” button to begin converting WMV to PS Vita. Batch WMV to PS Vita conversion is also supported by the best WMV to PS Vita Converter.

After you get the converted file in the destination folder, transfer converted videos to PS Vita, and then you can play WMV movies on PS Vita as you want. Have fun!

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