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It’s exciting that PlayStation vita has been for sale in more and more countries. PS Vita is so excellent which has multi-touch 5-inch organic light emitting display as the front display, dual analog sticks, and two digital cameras. The PS Vita resolution is 960*544, it’s great for us to watch movies on PlayStation vita.

You may have accumulated many movies or videos in different formats, such as MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV etc, now you want to put movies on PS Vita for playback when you go travel or commute. But, you may continue reading…

MKV to PS Vita Video Converter will help you play MKV videos on PlayStation Vita:

Recently Sony has released the newest PlayStation Vita and it has hit the hand held video game market by its extraordinary features. Maybe you have got one if you are a game-addict. It is 182.0×18.6×83.5mm with 5 inch display and the screen’s resolution is 960*544. All these features make it great joy watching movies on PS Vita.

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PS Vita Video Converter will help you watch AVI videos on PS Vita:

The PS Vita has attracted much attention since it was released not long ago and soon grabs some market by its outstanding internal features and low price. Maybe you have appealed by it and have bought or plan to buy one. The PS Vita has many features such as its high resolution of 960*544 and cool stereo as well as it’s quite portable. You can take it anywhere and enjoy the fun it gives you. With its long battery life you can watch movies on PS Vita for even almost all night long.

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