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PS Vita video format, PS Vita resolution, specs and converter

More and more fans have got their Sony PlayStation Vita, but you may be confused about the PS Vita specs which we often to use. Here are some PS Vita video playback specs you may need….

PS Vita WMV Converter-How to convert WMV to PS Vita?

Video Converter for PS Vita will help you convert WMV to PS Vita for watching: News gaming giant Sony’s latest handheld console, the PlayStation Vita, has gone on sale in many countries and is now available in stores. The much anticipated launch of PS Vita is finally here, and gamers can now get their hands…

MKV to PS Vita Converter-How to watch MKV on PS Vita?

MKV to PS Vita Video Converter will help you play MKV videos on PlayStation Vita: Recently Sony has released the newest PlayStation Vita and it has hit the hand held video game market by its extraordinary features. Maybe you have got one if you are a game-addict. It is 182.0×18.6×83.5mm with 5 inch display and…

AVI to PS Vita-How to watch AVI on PS Vita by Video Converter?

The PS Vita has attracted much attention since it was released not long ago and soon grabs some market by its outstanding internal features and low price. Maybe you have appealed by it and have bought or plan to buy one….