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Edit Z CAM E2 4K MOV/MP4 files in Final Cut Pro

Z CAM E2 series camcorders are high-end products on the market, the Z CAM E2 camcorders are equipped with powerful hardware, and they are used the latest technology and features. Have you got some videos recorded by Z CAM E2? In order to help you import and edit Z CAM E2 4K MOV/MP4 files in FCP X/7/6 smoothly, we would like to share the best Z CAM E2 to FCP workflow, you will be able to edit Z CAM E2 videos in FCP X/7/6 with native supported Apple ProRes codec.

Z CAM E2 camcorder has attracted a lot of users’ attention since last year, the Z CAM E2 has powerful video recording feature, for example, the 4K Micro Four Thirds cinema camcorder capable of reaching 120 fps, and in this year the new Z CAM E2 F6, Z CAM E2 F8 and Z CAM E2 S6 are released, the full-frame camcorders offer with 6K and 8K video resolutions. So if you have high requirement for the recordings, Z CAM E2 camcorder is one of the best choices for you, it will offer high quality videos for you, and you don’t need to worry about the quality.

There are more and more users have got the Z CAM E2 camcorder, the Z CAM E2 can give us better video quality, Z CAM E2 camcorder delivers images that’s sharper and more detailed, as it is advanced camcorder and it uses the latest codecs for videos, many video editing programs can’t support Z CAM E2 camcorder recorded videos well, many users have encountered the video importing and editing issues, just like the problem showed below.

Z CAM E2 Video Editing Issue

“Can anyone help me to edit Z CAM E2 MOV/MP4 files with FCP X natively? I borrowed the newly released Z CAM E2 camcorder from my friend and I recorded a lot of videos recently, now I need to edit the Z CAM E2 videos in FCP X on my Mac computer, I tried to load Z CAM E2 videos and edit them, but I found the Z CAM E2 files can’t be handled smoothly in FCP X, it is hard to import or edit the original 4K MOV/MP4 videos with FCP X, is there a simple Z CAM E2 to FCP X workflow? Any suggestion is appreciated, thanks!”

How to edit Z CAM E2 with FCP X/7/6 natively?

Due to the advanced video codecs or technologies used by Z CAM E2 camcorder, many users have encountered the importing and editing issues of Z CAM E2 videos when they want to deal with the clips with editing software. Just like the problem showed above, there are users have encountered the issues to import and edit Z CAM E2 4K MOV/MP4 files with FCP X/7/6, the recorded 4K MOV/MP4 files can’t be imported and edited by FCP X/7/6 smoothly, what’s the reason? It is because Z CAM E2 recorded 4K MOV/MP4 files are not compatible with FCP X/7/6, the Z CAM E2 codecs that used are not native supported codecs of final cut pro X/7/6, so FCP X/7/6 can’t deal the Z CAM E2 4K MOV/MP4 files smoothly.

To solve the Z CAM E2 to FCP X/7/6 compatibility issue and edit 4K files in FCP smoothly, the best workflow is to transcode Z CAM E2 4K MOV/MP4 files to FCP X/7/6 native supported Apple ProRes codec, once you convert Z CAM E2 files to Apple ProRes, you can import and edit the Z CAM E2 recordings smoothly, there will be no problems anymore.

Z CAM E2 4K Video Converter

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is the recommended program to convert your Z CAM E2 4K MOV/MP4 videos, it has the ability to deal with 4K UHD videos, full HD 1080p videos, Blu-ray disc movies and DVD disc movies. Once you load Z CAM E2 4K MOV/MP4 videos into the program, you will be able to convert videos to any formats you want, such as convert Z CAM E2 videos to Apple ProRes for FCP X, convert Z CAM E2 4K files to Avid Media Composer, convert Z CAM E2 clips to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, etc. you can also output videos to popular devices, such as smartphones, tablets, HDTVs, etc. this is very powerful video converter.

Free download Z CAM Video Converter

Free Download Acrok Video Converter Ultimate for MacFree Download Acrok Video Converter Ultimate

Convert 4K MOV/MP4 from Z CAM E2 to FCP X/7/6

Step 1. Get the Acrok Video Converter Ultimate for Mac or Windows from the link, it is the best 4K Video Converter on Mac and Windows OS. With it you can deal with nearly any videos easily.

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate-Best H.265/HEVC Video Converter

Step 2. Install Z CAM E2 to FCP X converter, launch this 4k video converter on your computer you will see the main interface, the program is very easy to use, even if you have not used this kind of program, you can get your videos converted within just few clicks. Please click “Add Files” button to import Z CAM E2 4K MOV or MP4 videos into the software for conversion.

Step 3. Click the format bar and choose FCP X/7/6 native profile for output. To edit Z CAM E2 4K videos with FCP X/7/6 on Mac, you can choose “Final Cut Pro -> Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov)” format. With Apple ProRes codec you will be able to handle your videos smoothly, there will be no importing and editing issues anymore.

Convert MXF to ProRes 422 MOV and ProRes 4444 MOV for FCP X

Tip: In this Z CAM E2 4k video converter you can click settings button to customize the output parameters, such as the video resolution, bitrate, frame rate, codec, etc. You can choose to keep original parameters of the recordings, or if you want to get the converted Z CAM E2 files with smaller size, you can reduce the video resolution and bitrate according to your needs. If you want to combine several Z CAM E2 MOV/MP4 clips into one, please select “Merge all files into one” option.

Step 4. Click “Convert” and start the Z CAM E2 4K MOV/MP4 video to FCP X/7/6 conversion immediately.

Your Z CAM E2 videos will be converted with fast speed by Acrok Video Converter Ultimate. When the 4K MOV/MP4 video conversion is completed, you can import and edit converted Z CAM E2 video files in FCP X/7/6 without any problems. This program also has optimized output formats for Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Sony Vegas Pro, iMovie, etc. just download this powerful 4k video converter and try as you want.