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How to play iTunes music on HTC Butterfly S?

The Butterfly S is the first HTC handset to launch with Android 4.2.2. The HTC Butterfly S boasts a 3,200mAh battery and a half day of uptime, a powerful processor, and a brilliant screen. Its camera performs well in low light, and a microSD card slot offers the option of adding more storage….

How to convert DVD to Iconia W3 via Iconia W3 DVD Ripper?

How to convert DVD to 1080*800 for my Acer Iconia W3? I want to play DVD movies on Iconia W3 without black bar. And the DVD is so large, if the DVD to Iconia W3 Converter can compress the DVDs, I will get one….

How to watch movies on LG G2 via best video format?

The G2 also departs from the Optimus G with its significantly larger screen, going for a 5.2-inch display (versus 4.7-inch on the original). And speaking of that panel size, LG’s Ram-chan Woo tells us that “phone sizes have gotten bigger, so the way we grip a phone is slightly different.”…

How to get MP4 video on HTC 8X?

The HTC 8X comes in a range of colors – from muted black, to respectable red, to an elegant purple and a, quite frankly, hideous lollipop-lady yellow hue. That screen is an HD display at 720×1280. Spread over 4.3 inches, it’s easily as sharp as Apple’s retina display, which no longer appears to be anything…

How to watch DVD on LG G2?

With a spec list that includes a Full HD display, a 13MP camera with optical image stabilisation, a 3000mAh battery. Combined with the sumptuously clear Full HD 5.2-inch display, LG has definitely taken the lead when it comes to getting the most out of what you can use in your hand….

Play iTunes movies/music on LG G2

Lg G2 equipped with a massive 5.2-inch, 1080p IPS LCD display (with 423ppi density) that runs edge-to-edge against the bezel (thanks to dual-routing touch-screen sensor technology), the LG G2 still manages to be remarkably thin and light….

Watch Blu-ray on Acer Iconic W3

How to transfer Blu-ray to Acer Iconia W3?This guide will help you rip/convert Blu-ray to Iconia W3 best video format, let you play Blu-ray on Iconia W3 freely. As the world’s first Windows mini-tablet, the Acer Iconia W3 works with standard desktop applications, unlike ARM/Surface RT, and offers full compatibility with hardware peripherals….

Sync and play MXF video on iPad Mini 2

Imagine this, you love to shot videos and have a Panasonic AG-HPX370 HD camcorder which shot videos in MXF format. In addition, you have just got a new iPad Mini 2 which could play videos with HD quality. You came back from a friend’s wedding and shot tons of videos….

How to watch Blu-ray on Acer Iconia W5?

Do you want to watch Blu-ray movies on your Acer Iconia W5? Do you want to play DVD on your Acer Iconia W5? Today I will show you how to play Blu-ray on Acer Iconia W5….

How to watch DVD on Acer Iconia W5?

DVD has playback limitations that it cannot be played directly on portable devices like Acer Iconis W5/W3, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, PSP 4, etc. How to play DVD on Acer Iconis W5? Here in this post, we will provide you with easy solution-Rip DVD to MP4 with DVD to Acer Iconis W5 Converter….