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How to play iTunes movie on Windows tablet?

Can I play iTunes movies on Windows tablet? Perhaps you have a bunch of videos and movies in your iTunes library and now you’ve got a new Windows tablet, and want to play iTuens movies on Windows tablet. But you know that  iTunes video files only  work on  iPhone, iPad and Apple TV etc. Apple…

Converting DVD ISO files for Allshare(DLNA) streaming with Samsung Galaxy Note 8

One of the high features of Galaxy Note 8 is the DLNA-ready AllShare installed. With it, Galaxy Note 8 users can easily share media files (videos, music and pictures) between Galaxy Note 8 and other DLNA-enabled devices at home over WLAN network….

Apple TV Blu-ray-watch Blu-ray on Apple TV

Have you spent much free time on watching movies on apple TV? If you are movie fan, maybe you collected many classic movies on your shelf. No doubt Blu-ray movie’s quality is best. Have you try to watch Blu-ray on Apple TV? It’s a pity! Apple TV can’t play Blu-ray. How to watch Blu-ray movies…