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Rip and transfer Blu-ray movies to LG G7 ThinQ for playing

In this article, we will share a powerful tool that can help you get rid of Blu-ray copy protection and convert Blu-ray to LG G7 ThinQ supported format, you can follow the content and use this software to convert and watch Blu-ray movies on LG G7 ThinQ.

Blu-ray to LG G7 ThinQ | Watch Blu-ray movies on LG G7 ThinQ

LG G7 ThinQ is a new Android smartphone that released not long ago, this powerful smartphone has attracted great attention from users who want to buy a new phone. The LG G7 ThinQ is equipped with Snapdragon 845 chipset, 6.1 inches IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, the resolution is 1440 x 3120 pixels. The memory is 128 GB, 6 GB RAM or 64 GB, 4 GB RAM, it also supports microSD, up to 400 GB, you can copy many movies to it for playing on the go. DTS-X sound is supported, so when you watch videos or movies you can get better audio effect.

How to watch Blu-ray movies on LG G7 ThinQ?

If you have a large collection of Blu-ray discs, why not get all the movies backed up and saved to LG G7 ThinQ to watch at anytime you want without having to pull out the disc? Then how to get Blu-ray to LG G7 ThinQ for playing freely? Just read on to learn how to get Blu-ray to LG G7 ThinQ for storage and watching. In fact, many video formats are compatible with LG G7 ThinQ, most videos will be played well. But, how to play Blu-ray on LG G7 ThinQ? The LG G7 ThinQ can’t read Blu-ray disc directly, and due to the Blu-ray copy protection we can’t copy movies from Blu-ray disc directly. Please don’t worry, the Blu-ray ripper software will help you. You’ll need to rip Blu-ray to LG G7 ThinQ friendly format like H.264 mp4. So how to rip Blu-ray to LG G7 ThinQ? You can use a Blu-ray Ripper to help you rip commercial Blu-ray discs to LG G7 ThinQ supported format.

Best Blu-ray Ripper for LG G7 ThinQ
Here I recommend you to use Acrok Video Converter Ultimate. This software is able to handle commercial Blu-rays with both region code and copy protection, ripping Blu-ray disc movies, convert Blu-ray Folder and Blu-ray ISO Image File to LG G7 ThinQ in digital version. It outputs MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, H.265, M3U8, etc with high quality so that you can Watch Blu-ray movies on LG G7 ThinQ, iPhone, iPad, HDTV, Android tablets, etc. you can use the converted Blu-ray movies anywhere, there’s no limitations anymore.

Free download LG G7 ThinQ Blu-ray Ripper

Free Download Acrok Video Converter UltimateFree Download Acrok Video Converter Ultimate for Mac

This top Blu-ray ripper software is very powerful, it has many features. Many users have selected this Blu-ray ripper software to make HD videos to play on LG G7 ThinQ or other devices, it can also make 1:1 full disc copy of your Blu-ray disc with the original file structure, or you can choose to copy main movie to backup only the main movie content without the extras, comments, etc. As for subtitle functions, you can convert Blu-ray with desired subtitles, languages and audio tracks. The forced subtitle feature enables you to get translations for foreign languages, you can also add external subtitles during Blu-ray ripping process. Now, download Acrok Video Converter Ultimate on your computer and follow the guide below to start Blu-ray to LG G7 ThinQ conversion.

Convert Blu-ray to LG G7 ThinQ for watching

Step 1. Install Acrok Video Converter Ultimate on your computer, just keep in mind you have download the right version, Windows platform files cannot be installed on macOS – and vice versa., here we take Acrok Video Converter Ultimate Windows Version as example, Mac Version share the same steps.

Step 2: Load Blu-ray disc. After you installed Acrok on your computer, insert your Blu-ray disc into your Blu-ray drive, run the best Blu-ray Ripper for LG G7 ThinQ and click “Load Disc” icon to load movie from Blu-ray disc. After you loaded the disc, you can select the subtitles and audio track as you like. On the right window, you can preview your movie and take snapshots of your favorite movie scenes.

Best Blu-ray Ripper to rip and backup Blu-ray movies

Step 3: Select output format for LG G7 ThinQ. Click the “Format” drop-down list, and choose “Common Video” > “H.264 MP4 Video(*.mp4)” as output format. MOV, MKV, AVI, etc can also be found in the list, you can choose other formats according to you devices.

Rip Blu-ray to MP4 for playing on LG G7 ThinQ freely

Step 4. This Blu-ray to LG G7 ThinQ converter has customization feature. If you like, you can click “Settings” to change the video encoder, resolution, frame rate, etc. as you wish. With the right settings you can retain the quality of the original Blu-ray while also saving space.

Step 5: Start to convert Blu-ray to LG G7 ThinQ. Click the Convert button under the preview window, and the LG G7 ThinQ Blu-ray ripper will start the conversion from Blu-ray to LG G7 ThinQ.

Once the conversion finished, you can locate the generated Blu-ray movie files in output folder, then you can transfer the converted Blu-ray movies to LG G7 ThinQ for playing.

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